Corporate Governance at Doro

Essential to Doro’s continued success is having the confidence of the market, shareholders and the public. To achieve this, the Board of Directors and the management must work in a way that is responsible, transparent and committed. It is thus reassuring that over the year our Company has had an effective Board of Directors that has worked constructively with the Company’s management and other employees. The role of the Board is becoming increasingly important in a global business environment where change occurs ever more rapidly – not only in terms of the macroeconomic climate and the specific business conditions in which Doro operates, but also the increased competition that we are now seeing in some of our markets. We are well prepared to face market developments and can adapt the Company quickly to new circumstances.

Doro AB is a Swedish public limited company listed on OMX Nasdaq Stockholm (“the Stockholm stock exchange”). Doro’s corporate governance is based on Swedish legislation, primarily Sweden’s Companies Act, but also on the Stockholm stock exchange’s rule book for issuers, the Swedish Corporate Governance Code (“the Code”) and other applicable rules. In addition to these, the Company is governed in accordance with its articles of association, internal instructions and policies, and recommendations issued by relevant organisations. This corporate governance report has been prepared by the Board of Directors of Doro AB in accordance with the Swedish Annual Accounts Act and the Code. The report forms part of the formal Annual Report.