Board and auditors

Johan Andsjö
Acting Chairman of the Board
Qualifications: Bachelor of Science, Royal institue of Technology, Stockholm
Year elected: 2016
Born: 1972
Nationality: Swedish
Other assignments: Advisory Board T-mobile NL
Board member: -
Dependence: Company: No Owners: No
Previous experience: Koncernchef Salt (Former Orange Switzerland), Consejero Delegado Yoigo,
Non-Executive Director Crystal Almond Holdings Ltd
Own and related party holdings: 54.000 shares
Karin Moberg
Founder and Managing Director of FriendsOfAdam 
Qualifications: Bachelor of Science in Economics
Year elected: 2009
Born: 1963 
Nationality: Swedish
Other assignments: Chairman: Caretech AB.
Board member: IAR Systems Group AB, SBAB 
Dependence: Company: No Owners: No
Previous experience: Managing Director Telia e-bolaget, Marketing Director and Communications Director TeliaSonera
Own and related party holdings: 5.000 shares
Jonas Mårtensson
Partner in Alted AB 
Qualifications: Bachelor of Science in Economics, Stockholm School of Economics
Year elected: 2007
Born: 1963 
Nationality: Swedish
Other assignments: Chairman: Ownpower Projects Europe AB, Transticket AB. 
Board member: PAN Vision AB, Deltaco AB, IAR Systems Group AB 
Dependence: Company: No Owners: No
Previous experience: 17 years of experience in Corporate Finance at SEB Enskilda, Maizels, Westerberg & Co and Nordea
Own and related party holdings: 85.000 shares (through company)
Lena Hofsberger
Qualifications: Master of Science and Bachelor of Arts, Göteborgs University
Year elected: 2015
Born: 1954 
Nationality: Swedish
Other assignments: Chairman: Ambea Vård and Omsorg AB, PharmaRelations AB. 
Board member: Max Hamburgerrestauranger AB, AB Anders Löfberg, Sabis AB, Stockholm Care AB.
Industrial advisor: Triton
Dependence: Company: No Owners: No
Previous experience: CEO Aleris, CEO SSP Group Ltd and positions within Compass Group Plc and SAS Service Partner. 
Own and related party holdings: 0 share
Henri Österlund
Acting Vice-Chairman of the Board
Qualifications: Master of Science in Business administration Handelshögskolan Helsinki
Year elected: 2015
Born: 1971
Nationality: Finnish
Other assignments: Founder and Partner: Accendo Capital, 
Board member: Vice Chairman Talentum Oyj; Okmetic Oyj
Dependence: Company: No Owners: No
Previous experience: Boardmember: Comptel Oyj, Partner: Conventum Corporate Finance, Triton in London,
Associate: Doughty Hanson in Stockholm
Own and related party holdings: 6830 shares
Robert Puskaric
Qualifications: Master of Science in Business administration 
Born: 1969
Nationality: Swedish
Other assignments: -
Board member: -
Dependence: Company: No Owners: No
Previous experience: Ericsson AB
Own and related party holdings: 0
Employed since: 2017

Stefan Engdahl
Authorized accountant, Partner Ernst & Young AB, Jönköping.
Doro’s auditor since 2014. Stefan has extensive experience of auditing Swedish and global industrial manufacturing companies.
He is the auditor in charge for HEXPOL AB, KABE AB and XANO Industry.
Born: 1967