Board and auditors

Johan Andsjö
Chairman of the Board
Qualifications: Bachelor of Science, Royal institue of Technology, Stockholm
Year elected: 2016
Born: 1972
Nationality: Swedish
Other assignments: Advisory Board T-mobile NL
Board member: -
Dependence: Company: No Owners: No
Previous experience: Koncernchef Salt (Former Orange Switzerland), Consejero Delegado Yoigo,
Non-Executive Director Crystal Almond Holdings Ltd
Own and related party holdings: 54.000 shares
Karin Moberg
Founder and Managing Director of FriendsOfAdam 
Qualifications: Bachelor of Science in Economics
Year elected: 2009
Born: 1963 
Nationality: Swedish
Other assignments: Chairman: Caretech AB.
Board member: IAR Systems Group AB, SBAB 
Dependence: Company: No Owners: No
Previous experience: Managing Director Telia e-bolaget, Marketing Director and Communications Director TeliaSonera
Own and related party holdings: 5.000 shares
Jonas Mårtensson
Partner in Alted AB 
Qualifications: Bachelor of Science in Economics, Stockholm School of Economics
Year elected: 2007
Born: 1963 
Nationality: Swedish
Other assignments: Chairman: Ownpower Projects Europe AB, Transticket AB. 
Board member: PAN Vision AB, Deltaco AB, IAR Systems Group AB 
Dependence: Company: No Owners: No
Previous experience: 17 years of experience in Corporate Finance at SEB Enskilda, Maizels, Westerberg & Co and Nordea
Own and related party holdings: 85.000 shares (through company)
Lena Hofsberger
Qualifications: Master of Science and Bachelor of Arts, Göteborgs University
Year elected: 2015
Born: 1954 
Nationality: Swedish
Other assignments: Chairman: Ambea Vård and Omsorg AB, PharmaRelations AB. 
Board member: Max Hamburgerrestauranger AB, AB Anders Löfberg, Sabis AB, Stockholm Care AB.
Industrial advisor: Triton
Dependence: Company: No Owners: No
Previous experience: CEO Aleris, CEO SSP Group Ltd and positions within Compass Group Plc and SAS Service Partner. 
Own and related party holdings: 0 share
Henri Österlund
Vice-Chairman of the Board
Qualifications: Master of Science in Business administration Handelshögskolan Helsinki
Year elected: 2015
Born: 1971
Nationality: Finnish
Other assignments: Founder and Partner: Accendo Capital, 
Board member: Vice Chairman Talentum Oyj; Okmetic Oyj
Dependence: Company: No Owners: No
Previous experience: Boardmember: Comptel Oyj, Partner: Conventum Corporate Finance, Triton in London,
Associate: Doughty Hanson in Stockholm
Own and related party holdings: 6830 shares
Robert Puskaric
Qualifications: Master of Science in Business administration 
Born: 1969
Nationality: Swedish
Other assignments: -
Board member: -
Dependence: Company: No Owners: No
Previous experience: Ericsson AB
Own and related party holdings: 0
Employed since: 2017

Magnus Willfors
PricewaterhouseCoopers AB
Other assignments: Elanders AB, Carl Bennet AB, Lifco AB, Midway Holding AB, Arise AB and Genovis AB
Born: 1963