Doro Group - Market information
Doro is the market leader in the senior segment of the mobile phone market. Product development and marketing are based on an in-depth understanding of the communication needs of seniors.


Doro addresses the senior segment of the mobile phone market, offering easyto- use and reliable telecom products and services. As the number of seniors grows, so does the number of people needing special products and solutions, as many feel that the mainstream market offer does not address their needs. Doro offers telephones with large buttons, clear sound, easy-to-read displays and, in particular, a number of functions that facilitate the user’s everyday life and provide security.


Demographics are a key long-term driver of a growing demand for Doro’s products and services. The age structure is shifting rapidly, especially in the OECD countries, and seniors now comprise the fastest growing age group. Over the coming decades the group of seniors will continue to grow, both as a proportion of the total population and in absolute terms. Between 2010 and 2050 the older population in the EU will increase by 58 million or 77 percent, according to European Commission forecasts.


As in the overall mobile market, seniors are increasingly migrating from feature phones towards smartphones. Feature phones do, however, remain very important in the senior segment as a large proportion still feels that feature phones are more comfortable. Doro expects sales of senior feature phones to remain stable for several more years, and will continue to improve both its ranges of mobile phones. Doro launched its first 4G smartphone in Europe during the fourth quarter and in the US during the first quarter 2016.


Seniors are not a homogenous group. Doro continuously conducts consumer studies to ensure a deep understanding of consumers aged 65+. The company’s segmentation model holds a wealth of in-depth description of the seniors’ needs, wants and interest, and confirms that actual attitudes towards technology and outlook on life are more important than age to define the seniors’ needs for telecom products and services. The model consists of six distinct segments, and four of those are defined as Doro’s core segments.
This model allows Doro to build a balanced product range and focus product development on the most relevant segments, while also taking into account geographical differences.