Doro Group Strategy
Increasing quality of life by using technology. In order to achieve its mission, Doro applies a strategy based on three pillars.


Doro develops secure and easy-to-use products and services for seniors. As people increasigly communicate via mobile devices and the Internet, it creates a technology gap between seniors and the rest of the population. Doro’s products and services help close this gap. 

By offering value-added, easy-to-use, secure solutions, Doro enables seniors to communicate more easily with family and friends and to be active citizens and consumers despite impairments that may come with age. Doro has comprehensive expertise in this market and closely monitors technology developments in order to adopt new trends and solutions, and thereby enable continuous innovation.


Historically, Doro’s business model was dominated by hardware, but in a broader strategic approach the service side of the business is now increasing. The increased share of services implies an increased share of recurring revenue and a more stable revenue stream. An offering which combines hardware and services makes Doro more competitive and enables product differentiation, while also increasing brand loyalty and alleviating immediate price pressure. The acquisition of Caretech in 2015 was a key step in this strategy. Caretech offers a complete social alarm service and targets customer segments such as municipalities. Combining Caretech’s services with Doro’s mobile devices will add user value and strengthen the customer value proposition.

Caretech operates under the name Doro Care since January 1, 2016. For further information about Doro Care, please visit their website.


At the heart of Doro’s expertise is a solid understanding of communication patterns and the specific needs of seniors. This in-depth knowledge enables the company to refine and improve its product portfolio according to defined user needs and to enhance the user experience. Doro regularly conducts major market surveys in order to fully understand the target group. The 2014 survey involved

1,600 persons aged 60+ who considered buying a phone within the next 12 months. 

A number of end users have agreed to let Doro track their device habits for research purposes. Doro can monitor and analyse how much time its end users spend phoning and surfing, what types of apps they download, etc. The information is of course anonymised. Other sources of input from customers and potential customers are the Doro flagship store in Paris and the web shop launched in 2015.