Share capital

The Annual General Meeting in April 2017 adopted the Board of Director’s proposal to obtain authorization, in the period until the next Annual General Meeting is held, to issue new shares up to an aggregate number of shares corresponding to 10 per cent of the outstanding shares at the time of the AGM. The decision was unanimous.

The same AGM also adopted the Board of Director’s proposal to obtain authorization to acquire treasury shares up to an aggregated number that at any given time not exceeds 10 percent of the total amount of outstanding shares in the company.

As of December 31, 2016, Doro’s share capital amounted to SEK 23,238,255 (23,238,255) with a total number of outstanding shares of 23,238,255 (23,238,255), each with a quotient value of SEK 1.00. All shares carry equal votes.


Doro AB
Magistratsvägen 10
226 43 Lund
Phone 0046 46 280 50 00

Corporate identification number

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