Doro Launches NeoBio™ Series in UK

Range of Hi-Design Home Phones Now AvailableLondon, 17 September 2007: Doro - a leading Swedish consumer electronics company has today announced thelaunch of its NeoBio™ range of cordless DECT home phones. The essence of whichcan be summed up in two simple words - ‘organic design'. The name - NeoBio™ - originates from an industrial design trend referred to as‘Neo Naturalism' which focuses on harnessing the energies of nature to createnew and dramatic designs. Doro's design team has combined natural organic shapes with the crisp,contemporary principles of Swedish design - to develop a range of stylish,comfortable and accessible handsets. Each handset comes with two decorative ‘skins' - which can easily change theappearance and style of the phone. This allows the user to personalise theirphone and coordinate it with their interior colour scheme. The NeoBio™ skindesigns are the work of upcoming Swedish illustrator Lina Ekstrand and wereinspired by the natural Scandinavian environment. “Our ambition was to create an appealing home telephone that's pleasing to lookat with a design that can be changed to match the home's interior. Indeveloping NeoBio™ we have succeeded in coming up with a product that's bothstylish and comfortable to use. More importantly it doesn't cost the earth.NeoBio™ makes hi-design accessible to the masses.” says Fredrik Forssell,Doro's European Marketing Director. The NeoBio™ range is available in a number of options to ensure there's astylish phone that suits every home. Additional extension handsets can bebought and added to a base unit separately. Chris Millington, UK country manager at Doro commented: “The concept of NeoBio™is all about providing high-end inspired design at accessible prices for UKhome makers. We've focused on delivering the functions that consumers need fromtheir home phone, in an organic and comfortable design.” Sample of Doro NeoBio™ handsetsNeoBio™ 10: caller ID, 20 position phonebook and redialNeoBio™ 15r: 20 position phonebook, redial and integral answer machineNeoBio™ 20: backlit display and keypad, caller ID, speakerphone and skinsNeoBio™ 25r: answer machine, backlit display/keypad, speakerphone and skinsNeoBio™ 40: colour display, polyphonic tones, 100 position phonebook and skinsNeoBio™ 45r: answer machine, 100 position phonebook, colour display and skinsHandsets will be available nationwide in Currys Digital Stores, CurrysSuperstores and online at www.currys.co.uk from mid September. NeoBio™ handsetsretail from £19.99 to £69.99 depending on model chosen and number of handsets. ENDSAbout Doro - With over 30 years' experience in telephony Doro is todaycharacterised by innovative and user-friendly consumer electronics products.The company develops markets and sells a wide range of products in threebusiness units: Home Electronics, Business Electronics and Care Electronics.The company's products are sold in more than 30 countries worldwide through avariety of retail outlets, including electronics stores and online stores. Withheadquarters in Sweden the company recorded sales of SEK 433 million in 2006.Doro's shares are quoted on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, Nordic list, Smallcompanies. Read more about Doro at www.doro.co.uk For further information on Doro UK please contact Custard PR.Doro UK Press OfficeEmail: doro@custardpr.comTel: 020 7494 6586Stu Campbell Rupert WalkerConsumer Director Senior ConsultantEmail: stuart@custardpr.com Email: rupert@custardpr.comMob: 07795 570 946 Mob: 07979 913 665



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