Sold-out pink telephone in two new versions

The media raved about the Doro Pink Diamond home telephone last year. It wassuch a success that it never made it onto the shelves of the Doro warehousebefore the limited batch was completely sold out. Following huge pressure fromboth retailers and private individuals, Doro will now launch two new telephonesin this successful colour, the “Pink Selection”. Swedish homes are becoming increasingly interested in colourful home furnishingitems, not least telephones. Once considered a practical and impersonal meansof communication, the telephone is now seen as a natural part of the home. Hometelephones are swapped more often for newer models that better suit oursurroundings in the same way as furniture, lamps and curtains are swapped assoon as we tire of them. - Considering the amazing success we experienced last year, it would be foolishnot to launch new pink versions of our telephones. Our consumer surveys haveshown clear signs that colour and design play a larger role, but we had no ideathat there would be this level of interest, says Fredrik Forssell, MarketingDirector at Doro. Doro Pink Selection consists of the cordless Doro 525 pink telephone and theDoro 509c pink wall telephone. The telephones have been given an attractivepink nuance that makes them stand out while helping create a modern, cheerfuland lively feeling in the home. - Who said that home phones should be grey and impersonal? It does notnecessarily need to be packed full of the latest and most advanced technology,either. Doro focuses on combining relevant functions with various types of userareas. We also try to introduce products with a fresh, aesthetically pleasingdesign, says Fredrik Forssell. Doro 525 pink and Doro 509c pink are sold by home electronics retailersthroughout Sweden and cost around SEK 450 and SEK 250 respectively. Read more about the new Pink Selection at: www.doro.seFor further information, please contact:Fredrik Forssell, Marketing Director at Doro, e-post: fredrik.forssell@doro.se,phone: +46 46 280 50 80 For pictures or product tests, please contact:Jonas Lidheimer, Sund Kommunikation, e-mail:jonas.lidheimer@sundkommunikation.se, mobile: +46 739 62 02 92



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