Climate-ready sound phone with Doro Form

Doro's latest home phone, Form, has been specially designed for environmentallyconscious consumers who demand high quality sound. During its development Doro worked closely with audio specialists to providethe most clear, distinct sound possible. Doro Form is a new generation home phone. In addition to the acoustic chamber,which provides a clear, distinct sound, the phone also has less of anenvironmental impact than other home phones. It is ENERGY STAR® certified and has an inbuilt photo frame on the base unit.Thetelephone is also equipped with an ergonomically designed handset, whichmakes it comfortable to talk on no matter how long the conversation lasts. “Form is a home phone for modern, quality-conscious consumers. The combinationof fantastic sound quality and a clear environmental focus makes it appealingboth to look at and to the soul. The photo frame also makes it possible tosimply change its appearance, which will hopefully also lengthen its lifespan,”says Petra Lundgren, consumer product manager at Doro. All three phones in the Form series are ENERGY STAR® certified, which is aninternationally recognized certificate awarded to energy-efficient products,enabling consumers to easily choose the right products in store. The Form series consists of three different versions - the small matt black,mobile phone-inspired home phone with a colour screen, the silver sand versionwith silver buttons and a black frame and the third more basic black versionwith catalogued black and white display. The phones are available at well-stocked electronics stores and cost SEK700, SEK 500 and SEK 450 respectively.For further information, please contact:Petra Lundgren, Market Communications Manager for Doro Home Electronics,tel: +46 (0)708 50 59 47,email: petra.lundgren@doro.comThomas Bergdahl, Business Area Manager for Doro Home Electronics,tel: +46 (0)707 71 02 02, email: thomas.bergdahl@doro.comFor product tests, please contact:Daniela Rogosic, Sund Kommunikation, tel: +46 (0)733 45 67 41,email:daniela.rogosic@sundkommunikation.se About DoroWith over 30 years' experience in telephony Doro is today characterized byinnovative and user-friendly consumer electronics products. The companydevelops, markets and sells a wide range of products in three business units:Care Electronics, Home Electronics and Business Electronics. The company'sproducts are sold in more than 30 countries worldwide through a variety ofretail outlets, including electronics stores, online stores and specializedchannels. The company had sales of SEK 363 million in 2008. Doro's shares arequoted on the OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm, Nordic list, Small companies. Readmore about Doro at www.doro.com.



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