Doro's new walkie-talkie - waterproof and subscription-free

The Doro wt91x pro walkie-talkie is designed to withstand tough knocks and wetenvironments. The walkie-talkie is completely waterproof and specially designed to meet thetough demands set by professional users, such as workmen and constructionworkers. The wt91x pro is a smart, value-for-money, long-range communicationtool that works up to a distance of 10km in open terrain.Doro's new walkie-talkie is completely waterproof and is suitable forprofessions such as construction workers, airport staff and other professionswith active duties, filled with physical outdoor activities. “The wt91x pro is a modern work tool that functions in demanding environmentsand bad weather, without its usability being adversely affected,” says PetraLundgren, Marketing Communication Manager at Doro Business Electronics. It's small and compact and well equipped to withstand repeated knocks and toughconditions. The dark grey rubber case, which gives it its discreet appearance,also makes it easy to grip and stable to hold. The walkie-talkie comes with many user-friendly functions. It can easily befixed to a belt and allows an unlimited number of users on the same channel.The wt91x pro is also one of the most waterproof products of its kind on themarket (ipx7). The Doro wt91x pro is part of the Doro Business Electronics product range. Thisalso includes the wt96 pro, which is also a compact walkie-talkie that's ableto withstand tough conditions. The wt96 pro has a range of up to 14km, issplash- and dust-proof and has an inbuilt vibration function. Doro'swalkie-talkies can be used almost anywhere,aren't dependent on mobile phoneoperators' coverage and there are no call costs, making it a cost-effectivework tool. The Doro wt91x pro and Doro wt96 are available in wellstocked retailoutlets and cost around SEK 900 and SEK 1,000 respectively per pair. High-resolution images can be downloaded here:For further information, please contact:Thomas Bergdahl, Business Area Manager, HomeElectronics at Doro,tel: +46 707 71 02 02, email: thomas.bergdahl@doro.com



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