Family phone with a superior sound

Lund, 2 November 2010Family phone with a superior soundDoro® is launching the new Doro Formula - a new home phone with superior soundfor the whole family. The emphasis will be on functionality for many newproduct developments in the autumn. Functionality is nothing new for Doro andcoupled with crystal-clear audio, the Doro Formula is a phone for anyonelooking for great sound in their phone, regardless of whether they're callingor answering. "We're clearly seeing that our customers are interested in functional,designed, affordable home phones, but at the same time they don't want tocompromise on sound quality," says Petra Lundgren, Marketing CommunicationsManager at Doro. When developing the phone, Doro concentrated on maximizing sound for making iteasier to hear each other during a call. At a time when the phone has becomemore than just a phone, and even a definitive interior design item, the DoroFormula is a smart, affordable option. Doro Formula meets the requirements for, and is marked with, the internationalstandard for energy efficient products for the home - Energy Star: somethingthat guarantees the phone uses less energy than an equivalent product. It isalso marked with Doro's own eco-label - Eco Functionality. Doro Formula comes in two matt black versions, Formula 3 and 6, where thelatter has a speakerphone and phonebook capable of storing up to 50 numbers.Formula 3 and 6 will be launched in August at well-stocked electronics storesand cost SEK 250 and SEK 350 respectively. The full release with pictures is enclosed in pdf.For more information, please contact:Thomas Bergdahl, Business Area Manager, Doro Home Electronics, Phone: +46(0)707 71 02 02, email thomas.bergdahl@doro.com Petra Lundgren, Marketing Communications Manager, Doro Home Electronics,Phone: +46 (0)708 50 59 47, email petra.lundgren@doro.comFor product tests and product images, please contact:Ida Åstrand, Grayling,Phone: +46 (0)737 639 732, email: ida.astrand@grayling.comDoro is a Swedish company that focuses on developing, marketing and sellingtelecom products targeted particularly at seniors - a growing group of peopleworldwide. With more than 35 years of experience in the telecom sector, Doro istoday a world leader in simple, user-friendly mobile phones with sales in morethan 30 countries on five continents. Doro created the Care Electronicssegments and has in recent years received several international designawards.In 2009, the company had sales of SEK 493 million. Doro's shares arequoted on the OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm, Nordic list, Small companies. Readmore about Doro at www.doro.com



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