Doro reveals two global strategic partnerships:

Sweden, Lund, 2011-02-15 08:00 CET (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Press release

MyGlucoHealth & Medixine
Easy-to-use mobiles from Doro will now connect seamlessly with the world’s leading diabetes management solution and provide a one-touch medication reminder service.

Doro is today revealing the first strategic steps of the global mHealth initiative. The Swedish company’s easy-to-use mobile handsets will now be used for the delivery of care assistance applications, services & solutions. This development aims at helping the senior mobile user to maintain health and wellbeing.

Doro’s President & CEO Jerome Arnaud commented on the launch of the Doro mHealth initiative: “With over 1.2 million users, our knowledge of handset design and interface adaption for the senior audience is second to none. This expertise has been instrumental in driving the advance of new applications specifically in relation to health. At Doro we see medication and chronic disease monitoring as two new market opportunities that our new mobile health solutions can address. Launching the first two of our mHealth partnerships today leads us to exciting new horizons and the next story in the growth of easy-to-use mobile phones.”

Please see further details below of the first Doro mHealth partnerships:

Doro and MyGlucoHealth will provide a joint consumer mobile solution to improve the everyday management of diabetes and the lives of those affected. The World Health Organization states that there are 220 million people worldwide who suffer from diabetes.

The MyGlucoHealth testing device is the world’s first integrated Bluetooth-enabled blood glucose meter. It will now integrate seamlessly with the senior-friendly, easy-to-use Doro PhoneEasy® 410gsm mobile phone. This will simplify the uploading of data from blood glucose tests and also improve remote monitoring for healthcare professionals

The Doro solution will provide for real-time data collection ‒ which will be transmitted via SMS directly to the secure MyGlucoHealth portal. The portal provides instant feedback to the user, as well as practical advice and resources to help keep the user engaged and motivated ‒ to proactively manage their diabetes and ultimately to improve their lifestyle. In addition there are benefits to the healthcare community as data from the portal also can be automatically transferred to the user’s medical professional.

John Hendel, Chairman of MyGlucoHealth.com said: ”We have teamed up with several mobile operators, including Telstra, and have a strong desire to maintain our position as a pioneering mHealth solution. By partnering with Doro, we will continue to lead this area especially within the senior-focused market.”


Doro and the Finnish company Medixine will deliver a one-touch medication reminder service via the company’s easy-to-use mobile phones. Doro EasyMed Reminder is an integrated service that will enable users of Doro handsets to better manage their prescription medication on a daily basis.  

Initially this new service will be offered via the Doro PhoneEasy® 338gsm model. The service provides a simple one key automated SMS mechanism for the user to register that a medicine has been taken. The Medixine system holds the user’s medication schedule and correlates the SMS data against that of the schedule. If a message is not received by the server within a selected time period after the set time for medication a pre-programmed reminder will be sent as an SMS warning alert to the user’s Doro phone.

A family member or carer can also receive copies of the alerts. This two-way safety mechanism provides for carers to monitor intake remotely. Not like other systems which are systematically reminding the times when to take medicine, Easy Med Reminder is much less intrusive. The data is recorded and presented as easy-to-read reports and can help to improve the compliance of prescription drugs. This is key as many medicines rely on continued use, at specified times, in order to work effectively.

One third of people aged over 65 years who are prescribed medication frequently forget to take their drugs when they are supposed to. Conditions such as dementia exacerbate the situation. The implications of this are huge, not only to the individual’s health, but also for the care profession – which will ultimately deal with the consequences from the mis-management of prescription drugs.

A direct result of the ageing global population is that many more people will be admitted into care institutions and the vast majority of those will require prescription medication. If these individuals are able to better manage their medication they may be able to remain in their own homes for longer and thus help to reduce the financial implication of an aged society.

Dr Tapio Jokinen, CEO of Medixine said: “Medixine is constantly looking for ways to lower the barrier for citizens to use e-health services. Doro phones offer the ideal platform for mHealth applications to reach the elderly.”

Jerome Arnaud, President and CEO of Doro commented on the partnerships: “The deliveries of mobile health solutions to help individuals better manage their health and medication pose huge benefits. Our solutions are simple to use and give peace-of-mind to the families of seniors. Our cost efficient solutions also bring advantages for the private and public care industry. We look forward  to work with MyGlucoHealth and Medixine, our mHealth partners.”

This is information that Doro AB (publ) may be required to publish in accordance with the Swedish Securities Markets Act and/or the Swedish Financial Trading Act. This information was submitted for publication on February 15, 2011 at 08.00 a.m. CET.

About MyGlucoHealth
MyGlucoHealth Wireless from Entra Health Systems, is the first and only FDA cleared and CE certified Bluetooth-enabled glucometer of its kind in the world. MyGlucoHealth works in combination with a real-time online data collection network to securely upload and manage blood glucose readings using a mobile phone or PC eliminating the need to maintain personal logbooks. The meter, along with the MyGlucoHealth Network, form an integrated telehealth platform supporting patients and healthcare professionals in the control and treatment of diabetes. Using automated tools, MyGlucoHealth can set up reminders to encourage patients to test more frequently, as well as to notify family, caregivers and clinicians when testing results fluctuate. MyGlucoHealth gives patients more direct control over their care and provides clear lines of communication with clinicians and caregivers. Visit: www.myglucohealth.net

About Medixine
Medixine AB specialises in multichannel communication solutions for healthcare and wellness. With a strong mobile emphasis, the offering provides tools for the ongoing paradigm shift in healthcare empowering patients in the care of their own health. Examples of Medixine solutions are chronic disease monitoring and management (e.g. diabetes, hypertension), population based alerting services and e-booking. Medixine solutions are used in Europe, North America and Asia. Visit: www.medixine.com

About Doro
Doro is a Swedish company focusing on the development, marketing and sales of telecom products specially adapted to the growing worldwide population of seniors. With over 35 years of experience in telecommunications, and sales in more than 30 countries on 5 continents. Doro is the world's leading brand for easy-to-use mobile phones. Doro created the Care Electronics category and in recent years our products have received several highly distinguished international design awards. The company had sales of SEK 493 m in 2009. Doro's shares are quoted on the OMX Nasdaq OMX Stockholm, Nordic list, Small companies. Visit: www.doro.com

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