A global leader in telecom for seniors

Doro develops telecom products and services for Seniors to lead full and rich lives: to do things they want to do more easily as well as the things they thought they might never do. The global market-leader in senior mobile phone, Doro offers easy-to-use mobile phones and smartphones, mobile applications, fixed line telephony with loud and clear sound. Within Doro Group, Doro Care offers social care and telecare solutions for elder and disabled persons for independent and safe living in their own homes. Doro AB is a Swedish public company and its shares are quoted on the Nasdaq OMX Stockholm exchange, Nordic List, Small Companies. Total revenue of SEK 1,838 million (EUR 200 million) were reported for 2015. www.doro.com 

Financial calendar

  • 17 Feb | 2017

    Doro Q4 2016

  • 5 Apr | 2017

    Annual report 2016 to be presented

  • 27 Apr | 2017

    Doro Q1 and AGM 2017

  • 13 Jul | 2017

    Doro Q2 2017

  • 24 Oct | 2017

    Doro Q3 2017