Doro in brief

Doro Group in brief
Doro is the market leader for senior mobile solutions in Europe. The company is dedicated to understanding and responding to the needs and preferences of senior users with the objective to create satisfied and loyal end-users. Doro’s products are highly appreciated by their users and as many as 82 percent would recommend them to friends and family.


Globally, there are more than 550 million people aged 65 or older and demographics indicate that the number will be growing fast for many years to come. By the year 2020 the group is expected to consist of more than 700 million people. Most of them will at some point need support in keeping up with the technical development and exploring new convenience services.


Doro’s product are sold in more than 40 countries on five continents through an extensive network of leading telecom operators, specialists and retailers with strong distribution channels to end customers. The distribution network and Doro’s ability to efficiently develop new distribution relationships are key competitive advantages. 

Doro Global presence


Doro offers value-added consumer solutions for seniors in form of easy-to use phones with functions that facilitate everyday life. Doro also offers services that further enable and improve the quality of independent living for seniors and their families. Doro’s offering spans from phones and smart devices, to software and support services, with a strong focus on ease of use.


Doro has comprehensive in-depth knowledge of its target group, and has in-house teams for product development in Paris, Lund and Hong Kong. The acquisition of Caretech AB in 2015 added further know-how in the area.