For each quarter Doro inform the financial market, investors, the media, potential partners, employees and other interested parties with reports, presentations and webcasts/audiocasts in order to enhance the understanding of the company and its progress. In connection to the publishing of interim reports, Doro presents its reports in an audiocast which also is accessable by telephone, recorded versions of the four latest audiocasts are available in the archieve below.

Quarterly presentations

Q2 2017 - Slides to Audiocast
Q1 2017 - Slides to Audiocast
Q4 2016 - Slides to Audiocast
Q3 2016 - Slides to Audiocast

Q2 2016 - Slides to Audiocast 

Q1 2016 - Slides to Audiocast 

Q4 2015 - Slides to Audiocast 

Q3 2015 - Slides to Audiocast 

Q2 2015 - Slides to Audiocast 

Presentations at Annual General Meetings (only available in Swedish)

CEO Robert Puskaric presentation at the Annual General Meeting 2017